Erika Jayne is reportedly divorced from Tom Girardi for cheating

Erika Jayne is said to have pulled the plug on her marriage because of allegations of fraud.

The “True Housewives of Beverly Hills” star believes that her husband, Tom Girardi, had several affairs during the 21 years of marriage, said a source for People in a new report. Jayne, 49, filed for divorce from her second husband, Girardi, 81, in November.

A source close to the couple told people “the reason he divorced Tom is because he cheated on her with several women”, but added that Jayne said “he has known about his infidelity for years”, but “he wanted to try to save the marriage ”So far.

As Jayne’s main tower in Broadway’s “Chicago” neared its end earlier this year, the famous lawyer Girardi would have “let her rise and tossed around the city, instead of supporting her and participating in his shows “, said the insider. , on people.

“She realized it would never be a priority for him and that was her breaking point.”

People reported that Girardi did not respond to several requests for comment. A representative for Jayne declined to comment on page six.

After the news of the divorce filed in early November, both Jayne and Girardi were sued for alleged embezzlement of money in divorce.

The source told people about the trial: “The split has come a long way. The trial just coincided with her decision to leave. “

Girardi is currently the target of several lawsuits.