Erika Jayne has asked not to sell clothes due to the Tom Girardi lawsuit

The law firm representing the victims of the Lion Air crash in a class action lawsuit against Tom Girardi has asked a judge to order Erika Girardi, known by her stage name Erika Jayne, to stop selling clothes online.

In legal documents filed Friday by Edelson PC and seen by Page Six, the company mentions that because Girardi’s assets have been frozen, the freeze should extend to the star “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”, 81-year-old Girardi he could have bought the clothes for her.

Although Girardi and Jayne, 49, have begun divorce proceedings, the couple remains bound by California communal property laws, so everything the reality star owns is also owned by her estranged husband.

“Simply: the court froze all of Tom Girardi’s property, and that means all communal property is frozen,” the documents read. “Erika Girardi must stop selling clothes.”

On Wednesday, Jayne promoted her online collection, which is for sale on the secondary website Vestiaire Collective, on Twitter and even offered a 10% discount.

The law firm is also asking Jayne to deposit the money earned from the sales after the freeze was put on the clerk.

Tom Girardi and Erike Jayne
Tom Girardi and Erika Jayne

Edelson PC sued the estranged couple on behalf of the victims of the 2018 Lion Air flight earlier this month, for allegedly embezzling funds and trying to hide them through a “fake” divorce. Jayne filed for divorce in November, after two decades of marriage.

Girardi has been hit with several lawsuits in recent weeks. His law firm partner, Robert Keese, recently sued him to dissolve the other business known as the 1126 Wilshire Partnership.

He is also being sued by Wells Fargo Financial Services for allegedly violating a written agreement and a conversation with the bank.

It is unclear how Girardi, who confessed to being broken, will afford any damages he may be required to pay.