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Sony responded to the crashed release of 2077. Cyberpunk and CD Projekt Red’s apologies / encouragement to disappointed players looking for refunds by taking a drastic and unprecedented step. Not only did the company create a special process for PlayStation owners to request an automatic refund if they wanted one, but it did. 2077. Cyberpunk from the entire PlayStation Store.

If you already have it on your PS4 (or, by the way, PS5), you can still play it and any incoming updates are still in your direction, but no one can buy a digital copy on PlayStation “until a new notification” . It seems that the refund request was so incredible that some people could not access the Sony form at first. CD Projekt Red has already promised a couple of major updates for early 2021, which, he says, will fix the issues on previous generation consoles, but now some players have no choice but to wait.

For happier gaming news, sign up at 6pm ET for a Nintendo Direct stream that will take you to Japan’s Super Nintendo World theme park before it opens next spring. Oh, and if you haven’t looked Mandalorianul end of the season yet, do it as soon as possible – watch out the whole thing – before pampering yourself.

– Richard Lawler

There is no doubt who is the king of the private aerospace hill.

Crew Dragon Demo-2

From Crew Dragon to Starship – this has been an important year for SpaceX. Follow the company’s long list of accomplishments (occasionally behind) before entering 2021.
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Otterbox’s Symmetry + case offers solid protection and supports MagSafe.


So you (or someone you know) have a new iPhone 12. Sure, that means you probably need a new charger, but how about cables, cases, or something ready for MagSafe. Valentina Palladino has some recommendations, including Apple’s own additional hardware, as well as the best of third-party products.
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The complete Tesla experience.

Cybertruck toy

Tesla is known for delivering its electric vehicles a little later than intended. Then it’s strange to hear that the toy versions of Cybertruck won’t arrive on time either. As Bloomberg reports, two remote-controlled trucks developed by Mattel were due to be delivered this month. Due to an “unforeseen production problem”, the company explained in an email to customers that the target delivery date had moved to May 2021.
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