Eleazar N continues to intimidate Tefi Valenzuela for messages from prison

Although the family of Eleazar N he asked repeatedly Tefi Valenzuela to drop the accusations against the actor, the model it will remain firm in his accusations, despite that INTIMIDATION of which he was a recent victim.

According to his brother, Frank Valenzuela, Eleazar continues to threaten Tefi from prison with messages.

He thinks he didn’t nothing bad, he says: ‘Fix this already! I’m hungry, I have to go to work, hurry up!Come and forgive! ‘It’s not even good to say:Excuse me, for the love I had! I made a serious mistake … Please, let’s see how to solve it “, and this is my worst sister, this there is no regret by the gentleman“Frank said in an interview.

tefi and franc valenzuela

Valenzuela also revealed that since the entire criminal trial began, he returned to live with Tefi, because she doesn’t feel safe in her own house or on the street, because she thinks someone can hurt her.

Neither Frank nor Tefi explains how Eleazar N have access to a mobile phone, but he has it and used it not only for tease the model, but he also tried intimidate Frank telling him that his uncle was a strong person and that he would deceive them while they lived in Mexico.

Despite all this, Tefi’s brother she supports her sister more and more in this decision from which they will not remove their finger until justice is done.

tefi valenzuela