Eleazar Gómez continues to look for Tefi Valenzuela From JAIL!

Although the family of Eleazar Gomez he begged Tefi Valenzuela to withdraw the charges against the actor in the northern prison, it is known that the model is determined to keep his accusations, which triggered a wave of intimidation against him

According to information from his brother Tefi Valenzuela, it was revealed that Eleazar Gomez he has since sent a series of messages via mobile phone prison, in which I ask him to forgive him so that he can regain his freedom and return to the television forums.

“He thinks he didn’t do anything wrong,” he says. I’m hungry, I have to go to work, hurry up! Come and forgive me! ‘He doesn’t even know how to say,’ Excuse me for the love I’ve had! I made a serious mistake … Please, let’s see how to solve it, “and this hurts my sister the most, that there is no regret from the Lord,” he said. Frank Valenzuela, the brother of the model and the singer, to the press.

Tefi Valenzuela // Instagram

Tefi Valenzuela was contacted by Eleazar Gómez from prison to apologize.

Tefi Valenzuela is severely affected by the aggression

Similarly, his brother Tefi Valenzuela He revealed that he has been living with her since he started this legal process against the soap opera actor, because he assures that he no longer feels safe or in his own house and he is even afraid that they will hurt him when he goes out on the street.

Tefi Valenzuela // Instagram

Tefi Valenzuela no longer feels safe after the assault he experienced at the hands of Eleazar Gómez.

Regarding the messages that his sister receives from the actor, none of them explains how he is Eleazar Gomez he had access to a mobile phone if he was in prison and it was even revealed that Frank Valenzuela He was also threatened by the singer to confess that it will make their lives impossible while living in Mexico.

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Eleazar Gómez // Instagram

Tefi Valenzuela is determined to reach the final consequences with the Eleazar Gómez case.

Faced with this situation, his brother Tefi Valenzuela is determined to support her in these difficult times and is confident that the authorities will help the judiciary for the attacks she has experienced at her hands. Eleazar Gomez.

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