Edwin Luna and Kimberly Flores are excited to celebrate Christmas with their children

MONTERREY, Nuevo León.- In his house Edwin moon, 33 years old, and Kim FloresThe 31-year-old is already in the spirit of Christmas, with decorations everywhere, big lights and gifts. The couple greeted us in theirs The home and told us how he would celebrate Christmas in the company of their children. With faith and hope, they told us that theirs wish for 2021 is to be together and have a lot of health:

-Edwin and Kim, how are you going to celebrate Christmas this year?

Edwin (E): “We will spend it here in Monterrey, by the grace of God, all united. My mother celebrates her birthday on December 22 and we usually combine it with Christmas, but I hope she can come because she lives in San Antonio (USA) and we understand that now it is risky to travel ”.

-Your children are very excited …

E: Sure, they still believe in “Santa Claus” and they already see what they will ask for. They are always looking forward to this date, because they are very excited to decorate the house and celebrate; in addition, it is one of the few nights we let them sleep late ”.

This is how they shared their enthusiasm for these parties:

Kimberly Flores and her daughters

-Tell us, what do you usually do on Christmas Eve?

E: “We hug and have dinner; last year I made turkey and fist ”.

Kim (K): “We also thank God for what He has given us during the year. Although I am from Guatemala, I already adopt the habits of my husband’s family. “

edwin luna and his children

-What do you think about sharing these festivities with your children?

E: “It’s a great emotion. Our children have changed a lot the way we feel and think ”.

-How do they get along?

E: “They love and respect each other; although the truth is sometimes complicated, because they are different ages: Giana is 2 years old, Elian, 14 years old, and Demiancito and Dasha, 7 years old. The older one has an incredible patience for them, and the younger ones admire their brother ”.

edwin luna house and kimberly flores

-And how was this 2020 for you?

E: “It was difficult, but with health we managed to move on and continue working. At first it hit me very emotionally, but then I took the opportunity to enjoy my family. Being at home these months and watching my children grow up is the best gift my life could give me. ”

K: “We learned a lot of lessons, this year made us grow a lot as a family and we are more united than ever.”

edwin moon and kimberly flores christmas tree

-What would be your wish for 2021?

K: “I only hope for health and to develop as a person, always putting the family first. We are waiting to know what will happen, but together we will be able to do everything, we have great faith to start 2021 better than this year “.

E: “Health is the most important thing, so I want next year, whatever happens, to be still healthy, because the rest comes in addition,” they concluded.

edwin luna and kimberly flores toast