Eduardo Antonio confesses that he is “very happy” with his new partner, the Cuban Roy García

| 12/18/2020 – 12:23 pm (GMT-4)

The Cuban singer Eduardo Antonio spoke exclusively with CiberCuba about the sweet sentimental stage she is currently experiencing with her new partner, a Cuban named Roy García.

A few days ago, he also knew many like Divo Placetas He shared on his social networks some photos in which he appeared in a loving attitude with a young man, whom today we can call and who is none other than Roy García.

The artist unleashed an avalanche of comments and speculation about a possible courtship with the images, because he never clarified that he is a friend.

Today, Eduardo Antonio He confirmed to our environment through an instant messaging application what all his followers suspected: he is in love. In addition, he confessed that he is living one of the best stages of his life with his compatriot.

“What is admiration and amazement if they have always judged me and celebrated what I have decided in my private life?”, He commented for the first time CiberCuba the popular artist after realizing the controversy that his photographs generated.

Despite the criticism, Divo Placetas He expressed that he is more “happy” and “fulfilled” than ever with his new love, which brought him nothing but joy and peace.

“For now I can tell you that I am very happy and fulfilled, more than ever. Because first I go and then anything, my happiness comes first and who wants to love me and admire that I do as I am” , he claimed.

Before completion, Eduardo Antonio clarified to CiberCuba that in the not-too-distant future he promises to give his fans more details about everything that happens in his private life. The artist said that, for now, he just wants to focus on “being happy in love”, because now it is his only priority in life.

“They will find out over the days what my life is like. I want to try once again to be happy in love, now I want to be the final one, because I really need it,” he concluded.

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