Eduardo Antonio comes out of the closet and marries his boyfriend

Singer Eduardo Antonio married his boyfriend, Roy García, a few days ago, and due to the pandemic he decided to open his heart and confess his preferences, to be happy and to live his life openly and without prejudice. .

Without going into details about their relationship, the singer-songwriter decided to “get out of the closet”, as the current world situation made him reflect on his life.

For now, the star’s ex-boyfriend, Niurka, pointed out that he is a lover of love and that he is very much in love, so he decided to shout his love to the four winds.

eduardo antonio

“The only thing I will say is that I am a lover of love, life is the most important thing we have and there is only one, people’s prejudices sometimes torment us and when this happens, just like what we live as global pandemic, we realize what is really important. I’m in love and I’m yelling at him from the rooftops, “he said.

Through his social networks, he shared his images with his current partner and quickly his followers began to fill him with positive messages and congratulated him for making that decision.

Congratulations to the happy couple!