Dwayne Johnson gives a very emotional surprise to a widowed father

At these special dates, each house tries to make it the most special for the little ones, although, unfortunately, not everyone has the same resources and possibilities to achieve. In recent days, in the program ‘Some good news‘, presented by John Krasinski, was one of those moving stories which make you start to appreciate what Christmas really means.

A Christmas special with “The Rock”

The latest program, which is broadcast on YouTube, was clearly marked by Christmas and the presence of other characters from the American media scene. George Clooney or Justin Timberlake were some of the guests, although without a doubt the most emotional was Dwayne Johnson. The “rock” used to show our solidarity and humanity and this time he did not want to be less with the protagonist of the night.

Through a video call, Krasinski became related to Jay Abel, a father of two, who unfortunately became a widower three years ago. Since then, life has been sought to move forward, although economic problems are becoming even more complicated at this time. For this reason and so that his children do not miss the gifts this Christmas, he decided to sell his collection of comics online. The actor and the host tried to buy them from him on eBay, but Abel thought it was a fake and rejected it.

The actor will bear all the costs of his gifts

Once the conversation began, “The Rock” burst into disguise as Santa Claus and sent him a message that he would remember for the rest of his life: Remove all things from eBay, because Dwanta Claus will take care of all the gifts. You are what parties mean. You embody the spirit of Christmas and I feel very confident that I can speak for my friend John Krasinski about this: the true measure of a man and the true measure of a human being is always what is in his heart. Always what is in his heart, “he said.

In addition to bearing the cost of Christmas presents from the family of this widowed father, Dwayne Johnson also He promised to invite him and his children to film “Adam Black‘, the next superhero film in which he participates and plays the role of’ The Rock‘. Undoubtedly, a gesture that says a lot about the American actor who always appears every time solidarity knocks on his door.