Dwayne Haskins rehearses from the first row to the training of the Washington football team

Seattle Seahawks v. Washington football team

Getty Images

Dwayne Haskins is preparing as if he were the starting defender of the Washington football team on Sunday, despite an incident this week that made the team and the league evaluate whether he violated the COVID-19 protocols.

Haskins is rehearsing with the first offense in practice today, while the injured Alex Smith is on the sidelines, according to reporters on the spot.

This comes after the heel of Haskins who apologized after circulating pictures on social networks that showed him not wearing a mask, in close contact with several women who were not wearing masks.

The football team and the NFL have ruled that Haskins’ violation did not put him at high risk of contracting COVID-19 and that he was allowed to be around the team. With Smith and Kyle Allen both injured, Haskins is likely the starter on Sunday, when a win in Washington combined with a loss to the Giants against the Ravens would reach the NFC East for the football team.