Dulce María shares a new photo of her baby

Dulce María is in one of the most fulfilling moments of her life now, when she experiences the joy of motherhood. The Mexican actress and singer adapts little by little to her role as a mother and does it in the most tender way at home. Together with her husband, Paco Alvarez, Dulce wants these beautiful moments to last longer, and for this she has the help of photos and videos that she will save from these first unforgettable days as a mother. More than happy with this, he wanted to share with his fans another photo of his little girl Maria Paula, which you prefer to fully enjoy before presenting it to the world.

Dulce Maria© @ dulcemaria
Dulce María shared this beautiful snapshot of her daughter María Paula

To share a little of her happiness, Dulce posted a photo of the baby’s leg, which she held next to her mother’s. “Since we pass, let’s leave beautiful prints,” he wrote on his Instagram stories. The difference in size is also a reflection of the great future that the girl has in front of her and the way in which the mother will always be there to guide her in her steps.

María Paula was born in early December, and Dulce announced the birth of the baby just two days before her birthday. “There are no words that can express everything I feel … First, infinite thanks to God for letting us experience the greatest miracle in life, the greatest gift from God, the expression of our immense love, a transformative experience “, she wrote happily next to a photo in which she took the baby’s hand.

Your best inspiration

While Dulce María is known for being inspired by life and love to compose her songs, nothing could match how much she makes her imagine the beauty of life as her daughter is. “Your life is divided into a before and an after, you don’t know how much you can bear, but for love you become stronger … It was worth knowing and having you in my arms now, warrior.”

Dulce Maria and her baby© @ dulcemaria
Dulce announced the birth of her daughter with a beautiful photo of the two’s hands