Dominicans can opt for a 310 mm lottery prize in the US –



This Friday, December 18, the Mega Millions lottery raffled off a giant prize of over 17 billion pesos. Will he be a winner this time?

Thousands of Dominicans play a game United States Lottery, online and from the Dominican Republic. The next prize from Mega Millions of $ 310 million (17.9 billion pesos) it will be raffled off Friday the night. Tickets are available at TheLotter and must be ordered up to 2 hours before the closing of the draw, to guarantee the purchase of the original ticket at an official point of sale.

About the $ 310 million offer:

Millionaire Prize Fund of Mega Millions, which has not fallen since September 15, could fall in the next draw December 18th. Have a chance to win the new accumulated by $ 310 million, thousands of Dominicans buy their official tickets online from TheLotter.

Is it legal to play American lotteries in the Dominican Republic?

Alex Gálvez, an immigration lawyer and expert in the United States, points out that anyone can participate and win prizes in American lotteries, including Mega Millions“You don’t have to be a resident to collect an accumulated lottery, because all the US government wants is to pay taxes, and you don’t need a social security number.”

To this, Russ López, deputy director of communications for the California Lottery, adds: “Even an undocumented person can buy a ticket and collect the prize if they win in Mega MillionsYou don’t have to be a citizen, because you have to keep in mind that no law in the United States forbids a foreigner from winning the lottery. ”

How to participate in the Dominican Republic?

Log into TheLotter until before that Friday and choose how many lines to play. Then choose the numbers you want and confirm your purchase at the bottom. Your participation will be guaranteed for the next draw.

How does TheLotter work?

TheLotter is a global lottery ticket courier service that uses local agents in the United States and other countries to purchase official lottery tickets on behalf of its customers around the world.

As part of this service, TheLotter adds a small surcharge to the ticket price, but does not charge commissions for the prizes won, regardless of their amount.

The official ticket is scanned and uploaded to the customer’s personal account before the draw. This scanned version of the ticket, along with email confirmation, gives players ownership rights as sole owners of their tickets.

What happens when you win?

After the draws, TheLotteR Post the winning numbers on the results page. You can check your numbers whenever you want and see the details of the draw and prizes in your private account. We will also notify you privately of the raffle results you have participated in each time you win a prize.

When you win a lottery prize TheLotter, the winnings will be transferred to your account. If luck has smiled on you with an accumulated prize, the company will cover your transfer to collect your prize in person.

With over 5.6 million winning users worldwide and nearly $ 100 million paid, TheLotteR is, since 2002, the largest online lottery ticket buying site. The biggest winners of TheLotter are a woman from Panama who won 30 million dollars and a Salvadoran woman who won 1 million dollars.

And you participate in the next draw of Mega Millions It is Friday, December 18th of $ 310 million! Will he be a winner this time? What if it’s your turn this time? Good luck!