Diego Vázquez: “We know we played eight finals to be champions, today we won the first” – Ten

Motagua defeated 4-2 a Platense in Puerto Cortés and took an important step towards the semifinals in National League. The Blues must receive the Selaci at the Nacional next Sunday and thus catapult their presence in the next court.

Diego Vazquez He was happy at a press conference after the victory and said that this is just the beginning of all the finals they will have to play if they want to be champions. “We know that we played eight finals to become champions, today we won the first one”, the Argentine started.


In general terms, the development of the comparison for Diego Vazquez he was good and mentioned that he could have scored more goals.

“A game in which I knew we had to fight it, Platense is strong here at home and I think it’s good, in the fight I was up to the task. We hit at the right times, they scored two goals in the sets that we will definitely have to analyze and correct, in general a very good game and maybe we had another goal to score, but they also had successful ”.

To end, Diego he appeals to the good tour they have made in the regular rounds, despite the remaining injury CONCACAF LeagueApart from this, the balance is positive in their opinion.

“In order to visit, I think I won with authority. I won the last match well, I said earlier that it was complicated by the final result of a match and the international tournament, in the local tournament I was fine. We got more points than the previous tournament, in this aspect we were good in the local tournament as well ”.