Diablo Immortal launches its first technical alpha in Australia

More than two years ago, Blizzard has announced Diablo Immortal to a round of games at BlizzCon, creating a wonderful meme this will not be forgotten any time soon. preregistration was offered at the time of the announcement, although in the following years, Blizzard did not provide much information about the game. It looks like Blizzard is no longer quiet, so the company has announced a limited alpha version on Android, which is now available in Australia, while releasing tons of new information. over It is websites. More or less, things seem to be shaping up nicely, although it is clear that the game will be free, while offering a fighting license, as well as an in-game store.

Development journal from lead designer Wyatt Cheng

There’s a lot of information floating around today, so it’s probably best to stick with the primary source, so I’ve linked the latest update to the developers above. The video is less than seven minutes long and is definitely worth watching if you are curious about the development of Diablo Immortal. The main designer Wyatt Cheng goes into a little detail, which is certainly appreciated after such a long silence from Blizzard.

The new alpha technical version for Diablo Immortal is available for testing purposes on the Android platform in Australia, but only for a limited time, all so that the developer can receive player feedback as well as test the stability of the game server.

So far, we know that Diablo Immortal will provide an original story that takes place between the events of Diablo II and Diablo III. In addition to the main story, players can expect playable side dungeons, mini-missions and boss fights. Dungeons should only take 10-15 minutes to dive, a perfect setup for mobile gaming on the go. Wyatt Cheng even stated on Twitter that autoplay will not be included, so yes, it would seem that Blizzard is making a game itself that should ideally require a minimum of skill to play.

Diablo’s bread and butter, tools

Interestingly, all equipment is found by the player, not purchased, but like other mobile games, you will destroy the equipment you do not want to upgrade the equipment you want to use, with random bonuses offered to upgrade. Unfortunately, things are getting difficult here, as there will be a battle crossing system that grants items called Crests (also available in the game store, as convenient), which will add modifiers to the game’s Rift / Dungeons, essentially treating these dungeons. as random prey boxes through which you play to get better equipment. The quality of this rewarded equipment depends on the ridges you attach to each dungeon before you jump inside. In essence, Blizzard disguised its prey boxes by pushing them under a crest-raising system, which is a bit worrisome.

Because the game is free, all content released in the future will be free. The game will not be limited, so things like a resistance system are not included. The new courses will be added for free to the game, but more to the point, Cheng makes time in the developer’s video to realize that spending money should always feel optional. He also makes it clear that alpha is an early version and that things can change with player feedback. So hopefully Blizzard can actually get a good balance for both free and paid players. At the very least, it’s painfully clear that Blizzard isn’t speeding up game development.

4 characters playable in alpha

As for the alpha game, it seems those who seized him were impressed. Eurogamer goes into detail to describe the fight that feels a little slower than Diablo III, but intentional, calculated. So far, there are four classes to choose from, a wizard, a monk, a barbarian and a demon hunter. Each class has two main attacks, as well as a unique skill set. The game is designed so that players meet in a social center / city to team up and it looks like you will also meet random players when you destroy yourself in the game world, so Diablo Immortal could be considered an MMO-lite , which is a slight deviation from the main titles.

Some photos of the game in action

Unfortunately, we still have no idea when Diablo Immortal will be released, but at least we now know that the game is moving forward. In addition, Blizzard has been kind enough to provide the minimum specifications for the game, which you can check out below.

Minimum requirements for Android

  • CPU – Snapdragon 710 / Hisilicon Kirin 810 and higher
  • GPU – Adreno 616 / ARM Mali-G52 and higher
  • RAM – 2 GB RAM and higher
  • Version: Android 5.0 (Lollipop) and later

All in all, I have to say that Blizzard seems to be taking the development of Diablo Immortal seriously. It’s definitely nice to see that Wyatt Cheng is in front of the title, going so far answer questions on Twitter, plus Blizzard has thrown a lot of information on four separate web pages, deepening things like game, progression, SPECIFICATIONS, and what to expect from the newly launched alpha build. It’s a long way to go, but compared to the last two years of silence, it’s a gold mine, at least if you’re interested in the idea of ​​the game.

Movie trailer

Of course, even though Diablo Immortal cannot be played for most of us, it is still available for pre-registration on its website as well as in the Play Store. So, if you haven’t subscribed yet to receive a launch notification, feel free to do so via the Play Store widget below.

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