‘Danger!’ fans consider the brilliant contestant “a last gift for Alex Trebek”

Thursday marked the third day that competitor Brayden Smith dominated Danger!. The Las Vegas, Nevada-based politician has set up a clinic, and fans love it, but not just for entertainment. Knowing that there are only a few episodes left featuring host Alex Trebek who died earlier this year, fans are happy that Smith was one of his last competitors.

”What a week it turns out to be on“ Jeopardy! Said Trebek at the top of the show. “So I’m not going to say anything that might offend him.”

Trebek was amazed by Smith’s game, especially his ability against the Daily Doubles.

“I don’t think you missed any of the daily doubles you discovered,” Trebek said. “And you discovered them all in the games you competed in.”

Fans went on social media to share their collective joy.

By the third day, Smith had already amassed $ 66,000. He had $ 36,400 in Final Jeopardy !, and, despite an incorrect answer, left with a total of $ 93,800 for three days.

While the money is great for Smith, fans would probably say they were the biggest winners, because they have to see their beloved host celebrating one last great champion.

Danger! it is a unionized program; visit Jeopardy.com or check local listings for the TV show.

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