Cyberpunk 2077 The bug from the third person reveals that V is a shameful monstrosity

2077. Cyberpunk is a disaster that the directors of CD Projekt I knew it would collapse and burn. That being said, one of its many bugs has the advantage of giving players what they’ve been asking for since the game’s 2012 release: a third-person mode.

In various videos uploaded since the game’s release on December 10, 2077. Cyberpunk players have demonstrated a strange problem that keeps the camera locked in the third person. This results in a headless, caressed version of the main character’s model, being put in full view of the player, which I can then use to walk the streets of Night City like a terrible monstrosity.

This seems to be connected to the third-person perspective option, available while the player is inside a vehicle. As such, the area you can traverse while the bug is in effect is limited, as the camera remains locked on any vehicle you have just exited. While like naked were shared with 2077. Cyberpunk subreddit, the problem does not seem to be as widespread as other problems.

Much can be said about 2077. Cyberpunk, its development cycle and business models that led to its launch in such a compromised state, maybe too much to put in a simple blog about a stupid problem. Maybe this, along with countless other issues with the game, should stop studio directors from waking up. exploiting their labor force. I think we’ll see in the coming months.