Cristinito Hernández’s Christmas message: “Health and dollars”

| 12/22/2020 – 12:06 PM (GMT-4)

Cristinito Hernandez, a character played masterfully by the Cuban actor Alexis Valdes, broadcast live through his Facebook account to wish the public a “Merry Christmas” in his style.

During the broadcast, Cristinito used the usual repetition of words, in which he replaces similar terms with others and creates new meanings and very funny ideas. On this occasion, he referred to “sharp arrows” to refer to Christmas, or “Santa Claus and either mother” in reference to Santa Claus or “Santa Claus”, according to its English equivalent.

Alexis Valdés hosted the show until 2012 Tonight your night (in Miami), where he not only received and interviewed great artists, but catapulted the artistic career of his best character: Cristinito Hernández. Currently, Cristinito presents his humorous cartoons through social networks.

In 2010, Cristinito Hernández released an album with the prestigious musician, producer and music director Sergio George. Among his main hits can be called “Cucutaca”, “Rotten Apple”, “Paper”, “Come to complain” or “The thing is from Odinga”.

Regarding the collaboration with Sergio George, Alexis Valdés said around those years: “With Sergio with me, I have no doubt that it will be a wonderful transition in my career.”

Cristinito Hernández closed his Christmas card with a joke that alludes to the monetary unification of the island, as part of the economic measures announced for 2021:

“Many dollars for this Christmas, that CUC has lost faith in itself!”

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