Cristiano Ronaldo received the Golden Foot Award for his career

Mexico City /

Cristiano Ronaldo He received the award The Golden Leg for a successful career, a recognition that very few can boast of. The recognition is for athletes over the age of 28 and delivered by the World Champions Club company that awarded him the prize on December 1, but just this December 20 it was delivered to the Portuguese.

Even It is an award that has not yet been handed to Lionel Messi that he was also a remarkable athlete and meets the requirements to win an award that has been received in other years by players such as Luka Modirc and Samuel Eto’o.

After receiving the trophy, Cristiano sent a message on his social networks, where he thanked that he was immortalized along with other great players that CR7 described as “legends” of football of all time.

To make the prize, a die is taken from the player’s feet and the gold sculpture is made, which is then given to the winner. This recognition is in addition to the awards he has received as the Best thanks to his score scores with teams such as Real Madrid and Juventus.


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