Controversy, video: The journalist says that James has to choose between football or show and that he feels ashamed for Falcao | Columbia selection

A very controversial opinion is the one given by the famous journalist Wbeimar Muñoz regarding two references of the Colombian national team: Falcao and James Rodríguez.

For the Antioquia communicator it is difficult to choose due to the current situation of the two, the first injured in October and the second in the last four games at Everton, apparently due to a new problem in the soleus: … I will speak without euphemisms, so many people are not upset “, he started telling Win Sports.

Referring to Everton’s creativity, he said clearly: “I keep thinking, because it happened to him at Real Madrid, at Bayern Munich and now it happens to him at Everton, that James Rodríguez has a psychological problem with that soleus. I attribute them to her happy life because she maintains a large assortment of model friends here and on the other side, “she said.

“What I think, forgive me for being so honest, is that Mr. James Rodriguez will have to choose between football and take care of him percent or dedicate himself to the show, that’s my opinion,” he said.

When referring to the news about “El Tigre”, Muñoz was also direct: “I was ashamed of Falcao when they took him to play for Manchester United, he was injured and spent a lot of time without playing. Winning an outrageous figure, millions of pounds and considered him one of the greatest failures of the Prime Minister (League) of all time. In addition, I see him a little far away, due to injuries so repeated that I can play in Qatar in two years and a little “, he concluded.

In fact, the leaders of the Colombian national team, led by the captains, close the year 2020 with physical difficulties, which adds to the poor balance of the last day of equality, in which Colombia suffered a battle against Uruguay (0-3) and Ecuador (6 -1). On that occasion Falcao was not available due to injury.