Congress votes on coronavirus aid package | Univision Politics News

Congress is preparing to approve a $ 900,000 million injection into the economy of the aid package next Monday to mitigate the economic devastation caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

The aid package will be voted on, along with a budget of $ 1.4 trillion to provide the federal government with sufficient resources through the end of the current fiscal year in September 2021.

The two legislative houses plan to vote and pass both measures before the federal government runs out of money at midnight on Monday.

The newspaper Politics reported that the lower house rules committee expected to receive the bill around 10 a.m., approve it quickly, and forward it to the full House of Representatives early in the afternoon for a vote.

The bill would then go to the full Senate to be voted on. Once approved, it would be sent to President Donald Trump to get his signature.

The coronavirus help package includes a new check for $ 600 that would benefit families with mixed immigration status this time.

It also includes funds for small businesses affected by the pandemic it would add an unemployment benefit of $ 300 per week, more money for schools and help for tenants with payment arrears.

These are some of the points considered in the agreement, according to what has come over from the offices of the parliamentary leaders: