Clubman is evolving into a virtual store

Clubman, the menswear retailer, closed its San Patricio Town Center in Guaynabo and transformed its business model into a virtual store, from which it aims to reach customers on and off the island.

Businessman Leonardo Cordero Suria, owner of Clubman, indicated that from now on all merchandise will be sold through the portal. However, it established a showroom at stop 24½ in Santurce, so that the customer who wants to get to know the merchandise personally can, by appointment, appreciate the designs, fabrics and dispel doubts.

I explained that only one copy of each style and color will be on display in the showroom. If the customer wants to buy something, he can do it there from his mobile phone or from the computer available in the room. “There is no direct sale, it is not a shop.”

“We had started with the virtual store concept since the end of last year and the pandemic reaffirmed the need to fully evolve into an e-commerce platform”said the businessman. “Our competitive advantage is that we have a ‘showroom’ type of premises, where the customer can pick up their merchandise, view it in person or make changes, even if they have received the clothing by mail,” he added.

The online store has all of Clubman’s smart casual clothing collections for men, including styles of short sleeve shirts, long sleeves, pants, jeans, dress suits, accessories and even face masks. “The fact that the Santurce facilities have more room to house stock will allow the customer to find a wider variety of goods ‘online’. In addition, new merchandise is included every 20 daysCordero Suria said.

Orders are shipped by post – they are shipped between 24 and 36 hours after order receipt– or if the customer prefers, he can go to the parking lot of the “showroom” he shares with the Leonardo Fifth Avenue store on Fidalgo Díaz Street, on the corner of Ponce de León, to pick him up. “The customer calls from the parking lot or when he arrives and we deliver it to him without getting out of the car.”

According to Cordero Suria, the Clubman brand is now more modern and casual as the pandemic has redefined dress codes. “The brand presents a proposal of traditional designs, but updated, with light and refined fabrics, inspired by fresh colors that suit our culture and climate.”

With this dedication to the concept of a virtual store and new collections, the entrepreneur also wants to attract a younger clientele, although always attractive to the man who likes to look good. “The man who wears is currently 35 and older. With the new collections and styles, the customer starts from the age of 25 to 30 years. He is professional, an impeccable man who likes to be looked after. It is not radical in fashion, but it follows the trends in colors and fit. He won’t settle for pants or a shirt without personality. He tries to think about his clothes to look good and feel good at the same time ”.

Regarding the return policy, he said that the goods can be easily returned by mail or by visiting the showroom. If a piece of clothing is too big for you, Clubman also has a tailoring service to try on or change the clothes.

From 2021, Clubman will start selling franchises for the markets of the Dominican Republic, Panama and the state of Florida.