Club América: Negro Santos sees Cristóbal Ortega as the ideal to take on DT

At one point everyone was surprised to leave Miguel Herrera as coach of America, who had already been questioned by fans who demanded his escape at the command of the team, which was completed earlier this week.

One of the great historical players of the azulcrema club, Carlos Antonio Santos, took advantage of social media to answer an American fanatic about a candidate for technical banking, to which the former footballer had no problems answering.

The “black” confessed that his ideal coach for America is Cristóbal Ortega, former Eagles footballer with a great career in the azulcrema club, and for which he managed to win several championships as an athlete.

The question is whether Ortega has the title of coach to play in this job at the command of a football club., who in case he doesn’t have it, finds it difficult to take the vacancy left by Păduch.

The specific proposals that the American board of directors is considering to assume technical banking services are Robert Dante Siboldi and Antonio Mohamed. It is the Uruguayan who started running with more advantage for this important challenge.