Club América: Ante Razov, assistant who hit Miguel Herrera, says his version and throws everything to Ochoa

Águilas del América lost their coach after Miguel Herrera left and one of the reasons for his dismissal was the “fight” he had with Ante Razov, Bob Bradley’s assistant at LAFC, who in an interview in a well-known Podcast, stated your version of events.

Before Razov, at the break, he hit Miguel Herrera after a heated fight and, after Paco Memo Ochoa broke out for the expulsion of Atuesta, he told what happened.

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“(Atuesta) was knocked down, he was on the floor, the game continued elsewhere and it is clear when you see that the goalkeeper waited for the game to be elsewhere, so that the referee does not see him approaching our people and I’m sure he didn’t ask for the address to send her a Christmas card and he pulls his hair, our player tries to get up and that guy (Ochoa), whom no one touched, pretended to be shot with a .50 “caliber rifle. Ante Razov commented.

“Then, at the break, on the way to the locker room, the people on our bench were upset, there was a lot of discussion between the players, everyone was talking rubbish and from one moment to the next (Miguel) Herrera has his arms around me and says good football “… and I think” where the hell did it come from? I put an arm around him and say “hey buddy, you don’t play football or you think he made your goalkeeper play football, touching the players behind his head”. Counted.

Given this, both he and Herrera received 4 sets of penalties for unsportsmanlike conduct and Miguel, due to his expulsion, received another suspension game.

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