Chivas has already chosen his new 10 after the departure of Chofis López VIDEO

Mexico City /

The outcome Eduardo López de Chivas has caused a change in the number of players since then Chofis released ’10’, a representative number in football, but that the rojiblanco youth team failed to shine.

Therefore, now it will be the attacker’s turn Alexis Vega, which he will be tasked with bringing ’10’ back and thus become a landmark within the playing field of 2021. Guard1anes.

So, Vega he will be tasked with wearing a “10” number that made him shine Sabas Ponce during Champion, although it is clear that he wants to forge his own story.

And Antuna changes her overalls

He Sorcerer is still one that will change the number for the next tournament, since will leave “15” to wear the “7” worn by Alexis Vega. So, Antun He is looking to continue growing with the club he signed a year ago.