Chivas avoided controversy after two sentences were overturned

Mexico City /

Chivas he played well on the Steel Giant and drowned Striped in the last minutes of the second half, which gave him a valuable 3-2 victory, although before there were two controversial actions that could benefit Chivas.

In the first, in the 71st minute, Angel Zaldívar leaked a big ball to Uriel Antuna who had won the back Luis Gustavo Sanchez, who had to tear him down to prevent him from facing Hugo González.

Basically, hissing Eduardo Galvan scored the penalty, although the action was reviewed in detail with WHERE and concluded by cancel your decision, for which Sanchez was sent off for a foul on the edge of the box.

It was repeated later

After 12 minutes, another controversial action was brought at the hearing, this time due to the fact that Angel Zaldívar stole a ball from Cesar Montes, who had to foul Chivas’ striker, leading to a penalty.

However, again the piece has been reviewed by the VAR and was marked out of place in the precise action.