Chivas announces its transfer list for Clausura 2021

Mexico City /

After appearing at the beginning of the pre-season, Chivas also officially announced the list of footballers what the will not continue in the institution, placing the label transferable for him Closing of 2021.

Figure Javier Eduardo Lopez and Alexis Pena, participants in a match in which she was seriously charged Dieter Villalpando, which cost him to be fired; the other involved, Jose Juan Vazquez, was presented with Toluca a few days ago.

Others like it Ronaldo Cisneros and Image of substitute Antonio Torres will not be considered by Victor Manuel Vucetich; There are also players who need to find a new club account, such as Josecarlos Van Rankin, Carlos Cisneros and Michael Perez.

For now Chivas he only announced his return Cesar Huerta, with which he was on loan Mazatlan FC; There is also progress on recovery Alexander Mayorga, with whom he was runner-up Puma to Guard1anes 2020 from the MX League.

The complete list

  • Josecarlos Van Rankin
  • Eduardo Lopez
  • Alexis Pena
  • Ronaldo Cisneros
  • Carlos Cisneros
  • Michael Perez
  • Carlos Villanueva
  • Angel Lopez
  • Image of substitute Antonio Torres
  • Kevin Magana
  • Diego Cortés
  • Andres Ramirez