Cheyenne Floyd, the teenager’s mother, is pregnant with baby no. 2

He wrote a tribute to the girls in his life, saying, “Chey, I love watching you with Ryder … you’re just an amazing mom. Ryder is the best girl anyone can ask for and I look forward to seeing her become a big sister (again). “The Los Angeles resident ended with ‘I love you both’ and ‘I’m an f-king father !!’

Zach and Chey reunited earlier this year, after briefly appearing on MTV with her.

Ryder, who has over 250,000 followers on Instagram, is already a big sis. Her father Cory greeted her daughter Mila Mae in April 2020 with his girlfriend Taylor Selfridge.

“It’s definitely a big, weird, mixed and dysfunctional family,” Cheyenne shared with E! News in March. After explaining that she went so far as to help her ex plan to reveal the genre, the reality star expressed her gratitude that everyone understands each other. She told us, “I would take our situation upon ourselves by hating each other every day. It might be weird for some people, but it works for us.”

Watch the couple’s video ad above and scroll down for more photos from the perfect maternity shoot Asha Bailey.