Chef Cruz Azul stole cheese in the Billy Álvarez era

The new administration of The Blue Cross conducted a new audit to find out in depth the current situation in which the club is submerged after leaving Guillermo Alvarez of the presidency. Proceso Magazine had access to this investigation, which produced an investigation report where they are exposed various cadres that further damaged the image of the former head of cement producers.

In cases of incompetence on the part of Billy’s son, Robin Alvarez, who allegedly forgot to introduce termination clauses in the contracts of some players, now adds a embezzlement that took place inside the institution and which was confirmed by an anonymous voice within the Cooperative.

“To give you an idea, I even caught the team chef stealing the cheese. At that level was the robbery in La Noria, to take even the cheese. I found out because one day the players wanted muffins and there was no cheese. How come there is no cheese if two kilograms entered the inventory yesterday. Then look for him … “, is read in part of the research paper.

And details have just emerged that explain the weakness of the cement club’s current economy, which is already set a $ 3.5 million limit for each transfer for the next tournament Given the lack of money this embezzlement caused in the Billy era, it added to the pandemic crisis.

“Regularly, according to the source consulted, a team needs an administrative staff of between 60 and 70 people, because it turns out that in La Noria there are over 300 in the service of Cruz Azul”Details of the source, which directly states that the football team costs the Cooperative 2.3 billion pesos, a figure that doubles the costs generated by other strong teams in the League, such as America or Monterrey.