CHAMPIONSHIP – Los Tigres del Licey struggles to survive winter baseball

Pedro G. Briceño

The last stage of the regular series has arrived and with it, the survival or possible disqualification of Tigres del Licey, a franchise that plays its destiny because it was not left out of the playoffs, which has not happened since the 2014- tournament. 2015.

Arriving in the last eight games of this first section, Licey arrives with a series of five failures, a record that places them at the bottom of the standings at 2.5 games behind Gigantes del Cibao, who is in third place, They only have because Estrellas (11-10), Aguilas (13-12) and Escogido (14-13) “dance pegadito” a tie in second place.

Poor efficiency, mainly of those who exempt them, together with a crime that disappears great moments makes cats to stay in last place for the first time since they did it in 2012-13, when they recorded a score of 21. 29.

For this Friday, the blues will face the Stars twice, starting at 2:00 pm, on a day when they are forced to win in their intention to move on to the next phase for the sixth consecutive season. .

This is a double game of five games that both teams are waiting for, out of the eight that remain for the Blues, whose record of 8-14 makes them the only club that does not have two figures in the important column of victories.

Licey, the team that was hit hardest by Covid 19, managed in the past clashes to insert staff who, mainly for this reason, remained absent for a long time. His board recently moved the shaker by hiring pitcher Austin Bibens and outfielder Wynton Bernard.

A big rebound is expected from methylene, a club that still has its “mathematical” chances to enter the postseason, but for which it has to record an almost perfect record in the remaining games.

The stars came out gracefully in their only match against the cats, with a score of 6-5 and even coming from behind, one of the many games in which the capitalists lost after being ahead on the scoreboard after finishing the first half of the games . .

Other parties

Today includes another double clash, which will face the Giants (10-11) visiting the main Toros del Este (14-10) at Francisco Micheli, also starting at 2:00 pm.

Lions and AC for second place


In the other clash, El Escogido (14-13) visits Aguilas (13-12) in Cibao Park, in another match of great interest.