Carlota Casiraghi, a life between philosophy, fashion and “glamor” in Monaco | people

Let no one look for radical changes in the latest decision of Carlota Casiraghi, 34 years old. Being the new Chanel ambassador is as natural for her as it is for everyone else to leave every day. The brand and its most famous creator, the late Karl Lagerfeld, have been part of her life since she was a child due to the close relationship that united the German-born creator with his mother, Princess Carolina of Monaco.

Now known as a princess philosopher for her interest and dedication to this discipline of knowledge, she mixes her most reflective with the most mundane and has just been announced as the new ambassador for Chanel, the most iconic brand of French haute couture. In the statement issued by House It is anticipated that the youngest daughter of Princess Carolina and Italian businessman Stefano Casiraghi will be her image from January 1 next year and that she will also act as a spokesperson. In addition, it is also announced that Carlota will begin her journey by becoming the image of the new campaign for the Prêt-à-porter spring-summer 2021 collection designed by the brand’s new creator, Virginie Viard, and whose photos were taken in Monaco by to Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin.

The statement nods to the two facets of Carlota Casiraghi’s life and anticipates that Grace Kelly’s niece will be part of a new project they have named Cambon Street Literary Quotes (the Parisian street where the legendary company was born and where its most emblematic store is located), whose first meeting will be on January 26th. There will be several literary meetings in which actresses and writers will talk about the works that have impacted them in their lives and in the feminist movement. In a video shared by the fashion brand, Carlota Casiraghi says: “It’s almost as if he was born wearing Chanel”. And he does it by presenting photos of his pregnant mother and wearing signed models. Regarding the meetings in which he will speak, he explains: “It is an idea that came to me spontaneously. Gabrielle Chanel hosted a lot of writers and artists. They were part of his world. So, we imagine a series of meetings about writers who played an important role in the liberation of women. “

Her own life could be summed up in images in which she was accompanied by Chanel. In 2005, at just 19 years old, she chose one of her models to participate in Monaco’s National Day. She did the same on the day of the appointment of Prince Albert II and when he married Charles Winttstock, a former Olympic swimmer of South African descent, who is the current consort princess of the Principality. As has happened on numerous occasions, House The French woman was chosen by Carlota to dress her in many public events, including many of her meetings with the Monegasque Rose Dance, that meeting that welcomes spring and brings together international stars for the greater glory of the little one’s image. principality. And also important data from her private life, such as her wedding to Dimitri Rasam, in which one of the dresses she wore, white with a strapless neckline, tight corset and voluminous skirt, was from Chanel.

Her name now joins Penelope Cruz or Kristen Stewart in this alliance that for years has been weaving relationships between well-known faces and fashion or beauty companies, and Carlota Casiraghi will thus find a way to continue her union with a brand and with a few friends. The one who was Karl Lagerfeld and the one who is now his new creative director, Virginie Viard, about whom Carolina’s daughter from Monaco said: “When I was little Virginia, she always came to see me at costume rehearsals. She made arrangements for my wedding dress, which symbolized the moment Karl gave her the witness. “

To close the circle, the next spring campaign in which she will play took place at La Vigie, a house in Monaco that has a strong meaning for her and her mother. “This house on top of a hill overlooking Monaco is full of memories for me, because it was Karl Lagerfeld’s old house,” Carlota explained in the video distributed by the French house.

Carlota Casiraghi has no aristocratic title despite the fact that she was sometimes called the “philosopher princess”. He graduated in philosophy and published The archipelago of passions (The archipelago of passions) with her teacher, the thinker Robert Maggiori, as well as with prologues to texts by authors such as the psychoanalyst Julia Kristeva about eroticism and motherhood. And he presides Philosophical meetings in Monaco, which organizes workshops throughout the year and, every June, a small Davos thinking. The colloquium brings together brilliant minds of the moment and awards the best philosophical book of the year.

His passion for philosophy comes from childhood. It was Robert Maggiori, his teacher at Terminal, his last year of high school at the Lycée de Fontainebleau, near Paris, which aroused his vocation. “It simply came to our notice then. There are many things that made me passionate about it. Somehow, I always had the feeling of facing the great existential fragility that we all face “, she explained for EL PAÍS in June 2017. Casiraghi declared that she considers herself privileged because she grew up surrounded by books and culture. “I read a lot of poetry. Baudelaire and Rimbaud, who accompanied me. But once you get there, what do you do? Then philosophy helps us to deal with this intensity of life and this feeling of fragility. And the meeting with Robert encouraged me a lot to continue my studies in philosophy “.

This public facet of Casiraghi fits badly with the image of the world in which he moves. It is more common to see it in gossip magazines. Few families have had such a public-private life, a mixture of charm and joy and tragedy, due to the death in a car accident of their grandmother, Princess Gracia, in 1982, or her father, Stefano Casiraghi, in a water accident in 1990. Few images like yours could sum up the best of both worlds, that of thought and that of fashion, and be so profitable for the company. House you just signed it as an image.