Canon has created a Shutter touchpad to replace the Shutter button

The shutter buttons were an old feature of the cameras and it’s one he hasn’t seen also a lot of innovation over the years, but it looks like Canon is working to reimagine what the button might look like … by completely removing the button and replacing it with a shutter touchpad.

In a recent patent filed in Japan (2020-201756), first observed by Canon news, Canon reveals that it is considering replacing the traditional button with a context-sensitive touch area, which would allow the camera area to be used for much more than setting the focus / exposure and taking photos.

Here is an illustration seen in the patent – notice the lack of a shutter button where it would normally be:

Such a touchpad could be used to do different things, depending on what you are currently doing with the camera (for example, what setting you currently have or what menu you have open).

Just as the rear LCDs of cameras have gone beyond just displaying photos and menus, allowing users to change settings and select focus points with a single touch, a touchpad with shutter release could also offer a new way. easy for users to quickly change settings or select a new autofocus. point.

The touchpad may have built-in sensors that can detect whether a photographer is performing a “push” or “drag” action.

But photos that are different from how the camera’s shutter button feels could probably have a big problem with its complete disappearance.

“We’re all VERY different about how the shutter button feels, this would have zero sensation and it would just be an area you press,” Canon news write. “It would take a long time to get used to it [to] after decades with a physical trigger button. “

Canon news points out that a benefit of replacing the shutter button would be improved waterproofing, as the shutter button is an area of ​​the rooms where water could enter and damage.

As with all such patent filings, there is no guarantee that the designs and features seen in them will ever see the light of day, but it is interesting to know that Canon’s brain reimagines every aspect of camera design, even trying and -true shutter button.

(via Canon News via DIYP)