Candidates for marriage Maglam Lord have been introduced in a new trailer

D3 Publisher has released a new one Maglam Lord trailer that focuses on the marriage system and offers a look at potential candidates. Being one of the last lords of the demons, it is crucial that the protagonist Killizzark finds a suitable soul mate.

Check Maglam Lord trailer about love interest below:

Both demons and heroes are classified by the government as an endangered species. Killizzark must find a marriage partner to suppress his “hunger for the soul.” Meanwhile, the only way a hero can awaken his true power is by defeating a demon master. We still don’t know why a hero would partner with a demon lord, but there seem to be several mutual benefits to doing so, which we’ll find out later.

Maglam Lord the trailer features several marriage candidates: Darius, Charm, MOAV, Gelete and Aqluaow. Before you really hit it off, you’ll need to increase your connection between Killizzark and a partner. This will involve taking out potential partners in the fight and holding meetings. The game will also have a craft system.

Maglam Lord will be released for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch in Japan on March 18, 2021. A location has not yet been announced.