Camila Sodi prevents the press from interviewing her mother

“Camila, we support you”

Andrea Legarreta and Galilea Montijo spoke in favor of the reaction that Camila Sodi had with the reporter. After seeing the images in which Diego Luna’s ex prevented her mother from being interviewed at any cost, the conductors showed their support for the actress.

Andrea camel-Galilea.jpg
Andrea Legarreta, Camila Sodi and Galilea Montijo.

Andrea and Galilea admitted that the only thing Camila was looking for was to protect her children. In this sense, Andrea said: “Bring your children, bring your mother, maybe she took her body, which is not good … but bring the children, this respect.

The hosts of the program Today They reiterated that, despite Camila’s response, they agreed with her, because the artist wanted to take care of her family only from the media.

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