Biden will not discuss his son’s case with justice candidates

President-elect Joe Biden will not discuss his son’s case with any of the candidates for the position of attorney general, his spokeswoman said on Sunday.

The investigation into Hunter Biden’s finances will likely be part of the Senate confirmation process for whoever appoints the President-elect to the position of Attorney General.

Some Republicans have already demanded that special counsel be appointed to ensure that the investigation is not politicized.

Biden’s spokeswoman, Jen Psaki, told “Fox News Sunday” that the president-elect will be looking for someone “with the highest level of integrity” to lead the Justice Department.

And that person, whoever they are, will oversee any investigation that is ongoing at the Justice Department, he added.

Psaki stressed that Hunter Biden’s topic will not be covered in interviews for the position.

The president-elect “will not discuss it with any of the candidates for that position, nor will he discuss it with a prospective justice minister,” said the spokeswoman.

“It will be up to the Attorney General to decide how to proceed in an investigation,” he added.

The president-elect himself is not part of the investigation.

Democratic Senator Doug Jones and Judge Merrick Garland have emerged as the best for the job, but that may change as each candidate will be scrutinized to see if they will be biased in the Hunter Biden investigation.