Bibi Gaytán’s daughter is almost hospitalized impartiality

MEXICO CITY.- Biby Gaytán and Eduardo Capetillo managed to form one of the strongest families in the show, and their daughters Alejandra and Ana Paula stood out in the world of social networks, sharing their personal experiences.

A few months ago, Ana Paula said she had to stop making videos for a while because of a non-serious health problem, which is why her sister Alejandra explained why she was eventually transferred to the emergency room because she had some symptoms. from Covid-19.

He also added that everyone feared it could be the virus, because if it did, everyone would become infected, so a recognized PCR test had to be done.

Ale arrived at the emergency room at dawn … the doctor sent him for the Covid-19 test, in addition to antibiotics, and said, “We can’t rule out Covid, so do the PCR test, I said,‘ no, everyone a we already have, we will die … it is Covid because there is no other explanation “, they started to explain.

Everything seemed to indicate that Alejandra could have the disease because of the types of symptoms she felt, such as a very strong back pain, her stomach to the point where it was really difficult for her to move, the young woman said that she spent very hard nights that kept her from sleeping.

As the symptoms did not go away, Biby and Eduardo’s daughter had to be treated at the hospital where she was accompanied by her family, fortunately the young woman was negative for Covid.19, however, a CT scan had to be performed to find out what was happening.

Fortunately, the studies came out in perfect condition, which means that none of his organs had anything that could interfere with his health, so he had to return home.

But some time later, Alejandra presented the pain again, then her mother, Biby Gaytán, gave her some married remedies, in order to calm the discomfort a little, however, so far the young woman has not been diagnosed with any disease and does not have Covid -19. The good thing is that it has improved over the days.

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