Belinda’s love can do anything, even Nodal’s guarapetas

Some details about the relationship between Belinda and Christian Nodal were recently released and explain that the singer “Love at first sight! must deal with one of the peculiarities of the performer” Adiós Amor “, because they emphasize” drink too much “.

Everything seems to indicate that the 21-year-old singer, Christian Nodal, really likes to drink, according to recent rumors, says the native of Spain, Belinda Peregrin Schüll You have to deal with the special taste of the drink gallant.

According to information that has emerged in recent days, it is not about the fact that the young man has a problem with “alcohol”, however, according to rumors, everything indicates that it has become a very repetitive situation at parties where the couple is present. .

One of these moments was the birthday of the mother of the regional music singer, Christy Nodal, where it seems that the party took place in her honor on behalf of her famous son, was the moment that led to the “intoxication” of the young singer.

The nationalized Mexican, Belinda was one of those who, together with the birthday girl, was caught enjoying the big celebration organized in Mazatlán, Sinaloa.

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In turn, the singer originally from Caborca, Sonora also enjoyed the party, but in his particular way they pointed out, which at some point would make him lose consciousness.

This even led to some comments that Belinda is “a great woman for the ranchera music artist.”

Proof of this was that during one of the moments of that party, Belinda and Nodal dedicated a song to the mother of this Belinda asked her young man to accompany her on stage, everything indicated that the singer from “Tell me how you wantI was already “drunk.”

This undoubtedly shared some of the opinions of internet users that some expressed their support for the couple, “don’t be envious … they are happy to love them”, while others pointed out that Nodal was not aware of his girlfriend on who had it. “Okay, if you can find out he’s with Belinda?”

And, judging by each of the images they share in their respective stories and the moments they both play together, they waste honey on every occasion, yet another of the most irrefutable evidence was the couple’s appearance on a People Magazine cover.

The first image of the magazine places today’s musical idols exactly when they live today and they shared other moments when they look very happy and funny during this session, a sample of this was distributed in one of the most popular page of fans about celebrities.

In the most recent edition, People magazine in Spanish called Beli and Nodal the “couple of the year”, and these were some comments on the mentioned publication.


The best couple who love you, wrote another follower.

Likewise, their fans were also able to witness that the feeling towards each other is mutual and every time they have the opportunity to exchange details to surprise each other.

Some of them were shared by them on their respective Instagram accounts, flooding all their loyal fans with tenderness.

Another of the love shows that happened, they made it known on the fourth anniversary, when they decided to get the number 4 tattooed, referring to the special date when they reached the fourth month.

Today, Belinda and Nodal are considered one of the most beloved couples in the show and live their relationship to the fullest, which, no doubt, had the support of many of their fans, who lose the opportunity to motivate them at any time. .

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Day after day, the famous performer of “Light without gravity” and the singer who now presents a new song with the group “Reik” called “Poco” shows that the relationship that few give merit at the beginning, is strengthened with Overtime.