Banfield sends greetings: “My wife, who is always upset”

Florencio Sola Stadium, Argentina /

How big should your blunders be that you apologized on national television? That’s what social media users ask themselves after hearing incredible message from Mauricio Arboleda, Colombian goalkeeper from Banfield, who dedicated the victory to his wife, who “is always upset and I hope you apologize”.

Interviewed after Banfield defeated Gimnasia 2-1, the last club led by Diego Armando Maradona, on Monday in Argentine football, the goalkeeper sent the most curious message of the whole football day in the world.

Arboleda died a brother

While this post has caused a lot of laughter and comments on social media, the same footballer experienced a tragedy the last days of May because his older brother died of coronavirus, having to fire him remotely due to the impossibility of traveling to Colombia due to pandemic restrictions.