Bad Bunny’s “difficulty” is the favorite of the former American president

The last thing he would have imagined is that the Bad Bunny singer would be among the musical tastes of such an important public figure. Former President of the United States, Barack Obama became a fan of the artist’s latest piece, “the brunt“.

That, after last Saturday, the former US president shared his traditional end-of-year music list in which he surprised everyone by including one of the songs from Puerto Rico. Bad Bunny,

He later released other titles of books, movies, series and some of his favorite songs this year.

It is worth mentioning that the former president, Barack Obama, is guided by other musical influences that come from one of his daughters, Sasha, who seems to be the “musical guru” of the family, as he calls her.

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Barack Obama’s musical tastes?

It should be said that the American politician is a regular in music, so he can enjoy almost all kinds and even current artists, and Bad Bunny is an example in this regard.

The man who was elected president of the United States and came to the White House in 2009 has declared himself a fan of musical genres such as hip-hop, which he has revealed on other occasions from his Instagram account, where he shares some aspects about himself. himself and his family.

One of the songs that occupied a place on his list, highlights “La Díficil”, a song taken from the first of the two albums that Bad Bunny will release in 2020.

It is followed by others, including “Franchise” by Travis Scott, “Ghosts” by Bruce Springsteen, “Levitating”, Dua Lipa ft DaBaby, “Nada”, by Canadian Colombian Lido Pimienta, to name a few.

Through a post on Twitter, the charismatic former White House resident made all his followers known.

These are some of my favorite songs of the year. As usual, we had a valuable consultation from our family music guru Sasha to put this together. I hope you find a new song or two to listen to.

Now also think about whether it is easy to imagine that you are keeping up with this or one of the other songs on this list. The theme of “The Bunny” refers to a romantic interest in a girl who cannot be realized because she is evasive with him. What the next verse of the song is about.

It becomes difficult, but it disappears
Go with your friend, always kidnapped
Asking to come to you, eh
That they give me, eh
Asking to come to you, huh
Although sometimes I refuse, hey (hey, hey, hey, hey)

“La Difficil” came from Puerto Rican after being released as the third single from Rimas Entertainment’s second YHLQMDLG solo studio album on February 29, 2020.

Similarly, the politician, the lawyer and the writer also shared an interesting list of films after he and his family enjoyed the content platforms the most during this closure.

Barack Obama himself revealed that during this time he spent a lot of time indoors, he determined to consume more series and streaming movies.

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Likewise, Obama, who made history by winning the 2018 election as the first African-American president of the United States, also with a turbulent victory, as Huffingtonpnost points out, revealed about two of the books that have become his favorites. “Desierto Sonoro”, which has included it since last year and one that, no doubt, could not miss is “Una tierra promida” nothing less than his own handwriting.