Babies born to COVID-19 mothers have antibodies, according to a study in Singapore

SINGAPORE, 18 dec. (Reuters) – All five children born to women with COVID-19 infection during a study in Singapore had antibodies to the virus, although researchers said it was not yet clear what level of protection this could provide.

The results of a study of 16 women, published on Friday, also found that most were infected with mold, while more severe reactions occurred in older women with a high body mass index – a trend that is reflected in the general population.

Of the five who gave birth to their children before the study was published, all had antibodies, according to the Singapore Obstetrics and Gynecology Research Network.

The number of antibodies in children varied and was higher among those whose mothers were infected closer to birth, the researchers said. Additional monitoring is needed to see if antibodies will decrease as babies get older, they added. (Reporting by Chen Lin and John Geddie; Editing by Michael Perry)