Authorities dissolve the party and protect 7 luxury cars in Sinaloa

Culiacan.- In the San Diego community, the administrator of El Dorado, in Culiacán, elements of the army, the National Guard and the State Preventive Police dissolved the celebration of a party, enlivened by musical groups, whose assistants did not keep a healthy distance.

It was announced that in the sports field of the respective community, located more than 75 kilometers south of the state capital, scenes were arranged for the presentation of the musical groups that entertained the party.

Federal and state forces were alerted by neighbors through social networksTherefore, when the operation was carried out, many of those who took part in the celebration abandoned their vehicles and, as a result, seven units were collected, some of them luxury.

The military personnel ordered the organizers to suspend the party for non-compliance with the sanitary protocols at a safe distance, without the detainees being denounced.

Three days ago, Renato Ocampo Alcantar, The executive secretary of the state public security system announced that last week there were 385 parties in different parts of the state, without keeping a healthy distance.

He stressed that, despite the recommendations of the Ministry of Health and the various courts to avoid organizing meetings, positions or parties, to avoid generating contagion of Covid-19 chain, many citizens do not participate in them.

Ocampo Alcantar said that the authorities that come to dissolve the festivities, many of them with live music, only order the population to withdraw and respect the health protocols from a healthy distance, without arresting the participants.

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