Arnold Schwarzenegger “Never” believed that Katherine would marry an actor

Arnold Schwarzenegger he had to say “hasta la vista, baby” to his preconceived notions about the path his daughter is taking Katherine Schwarzeneggerlife would take them.

The iconic star of the action film surprised her ex Cop. Kindergarten co-stars with its appearance during a Zoom meeting hosted by Yahoo! Entertainment, Monday, December 21st. During the virtual family movie event in 1990, the actor said he never expected Katherine to fall in love with someone along the same lines of work, as she did when she tied the knot with Chris Pratt in June 2019.

“I never thought my daughter would marry an actor,” Arnold admitted. “I told myself she would be sick and tired of shooting them on the set, making them chase me, blowing up buildings and killing people.”

For some reason, 31-year-old Katherine was an anomaly among the four now-adult children she the Twins interpreter raised with Maria Shriver before the couple married for 25 years in May 2011. Arnold is also the father of the 23-year-old Joseph Baena from his relationship with Mildred Baena.