Aristóteles Sandoval wanted to renew PRI

On Wednesday, three days before his assassination, 46-year-old former governor of Jalisco Aristóteles Sandoval Díaz posted a message on Twitter in support of a sustainable lifestyle in the UN Act Now Now campaign to combat climate change.

It had been 53 days since he announced, also on social networks, his resignation, congruently, as secretary of Innovation and Digital Participation of the PRI CEN, with two points: he will continue in the party in the role of critic and thanked him the tricolor’s president for trust, Alejandro Moreno Cárdenas.

“Not those of yesterday will build tomorrow; I do not see a future innovation project “, said Jalisco, who was governor between March 1, 2013 – December 5, 2018.

Sandoval Díaz came to power 90 days after the beginning of the presidential term of Enrique Peña Nieto, who with the presidential belt passed to his chest and surrounded by 19 state leaders (PRI, PRD, PAN), in the National Palace, was took a photo that was taken called “Cursed Photo”.

And those who appear there are now fugitives, prosecuted, exonerated or convicted, mostly PRI members, or accused of corruption and links to crimes, in this case PRD members and, in addition to Aristotle, a man appears who died in a air accident in Puebla, it’s about Rafael Moreno Valle.

Earlier, Peña Nieto projected enthusiasm and spoke about a PRI whose militant had been taken to political positions with the tricolor emblem and said it was the “oldest” of the parties (at 83), a big party, with mistakes , failures, mistakes and with young people of the new political generation.

He was in a television studio with journalists, and Denisse Maerker hurried him, “Which one?” Peña Nieto cited three, by name and surname: Roberto Borge (Quintana Roo), Javier Duarte (Chihuahua), César Duarte de Ochoa (Veracruz).

The ages of heads of state, such as the “first PRI”, were 40 years old or younger and exercised their rule with persecution balances, closed and wove a flag, that of the fight against corruption, which led to power, in 2018, to Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

Peña Nieto has been accused of corruption in the Odebrecht scandal, involving two high-ranking politicians: one is a protected witness, Emilio Lozoya, and the other Luis Videgaray Caso

Among the governors appointed by Peña Nieto, Borge Angulo ended up in prison and on December 15 he just got married behind bars. Duarte Jáquez is imprisoned in Florida after fleeing, and is charged with corruption. Duarte de Ochoa is another prisoner currently seeking to challenge his sentence for embezzlement and corruption.