Ana Patricia Rojo sells smoothies to survive and is criticized

Ana Patricia Rojo, one of the most beloved actresses in the audience, started a new business to move forward with spending in the face of the economic crisis caused by the pandemic.

In an interview with Ventaneando, the singer pointed out that he started selling nutritional supplements, but was harshly criticized by users.

“I started working at the age of five. I am a mother who takes care of her daughters one hundred percent. I have a mother of a certain age who also depends on me.”said the actress.

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Ana Patricia Rojo said she was not ashamed that she started selling these products and sent a message to those who criticized her for her new business.

“Don’t wait for the manna (food) to fall from the sky or pass the contingencies so that I can step on a stage again. I don’t think this will take me away as an actress, which I don’t think will take away from me as a human being. , I don’t think this is unfortunate or generates pity from anyone “, he mentioned.

In addition, he stressed that the sale of food supplements is not unfortunate, because because of this he managed to generate income to support his home and family.