Ana Bárbara celebrates the birthday of her son Jerónimo

Ana Barbara and his family doesn’t stop for the holidays. And is that a few days to celebrate the 14th anniversary of his son José María, now performer of Bandit He celebrated in style the ninth birthday of Jerónimo, the youngest of his children. From the first hours of December 21, the little one started with the holidays, despite the fact that the day before he had to say goodbye to his brother Jose Emilio -son of Mariana Levy and who Ana Barbara he wants and tries as if it were his own – something that left his heart a little broken. However, the singer was tasked with surprising the celebrant with a small celebration, very intimate and familiar, as well as a tender message of congratulations.


Through her Instagram profile, Ana Bárbara shared an emotional video, in which she showed some images of the little celebrant, in the best moments of his life, always next to his famous mother. Along with the video, the 49-year-old artist wrote a few loving words in which she clarified how important it is for her to have Jerónimo in her life. “Today is a special day, even in some (blessed) beliefs it is said that just today the star of Bethlehem will be seen and so we receive it in this private family, where On December 21, 2011, a tiny being arrived, full of the energy of love and yes, (said my mother) with very few moments of peace! He was always very restless, but also loving, talented and full of light.“, Said the performer Loca.

With feelings on the surface, Ana Bárbara expressed all her love for the little one, dedicating a tender greeting card. “I mean @ieronimo_barba, who turns 9 today and We celebrate it in style, because we have been watching it for years as it grows, strengthens, learns to create, to love, to mold itself until it becomes how beautiful you are now! We love you and make you all very happy, having in our life, happy 9, my piece of soul!”, A conchis El.

In another video he shared later, you can see the moment when Jerónimo and his brother José María blow out the candles on the cake, because we remember that December 3 last year was the birthday of little Chema, but they didn’t they could celebrate it as it is because they were on vacation in the snow.

The fear they experienced during the holidays

Taking advantage of the winter season, Ana Bárbara and her family decided to go on vacation and enjoy the activities of this season. However, a snowstorm interrupted their fun as they had to immediately evacuate where they were and descend the mountain safely. However, Emiliano, the singer’s eldest son, and Jerónimo were caught in the snow, which made it impossible for them to descend. As expected, the anguish got her hands on the performer and, through her social networks, she asked her followers to accompany her in prayer so that her little ones could be saved safely.

Fortunately, Emiliano and Jerónimo were rescued and were able to reunite with their family hours later. “Right now my soul is flooded with faith! A strong snowstorm in the mountains prevented two of my children from descending like all those who hardly slip on our skis. They do not know my anguish, I cried with the hope that everything was a scare and well, they have already saved them and thank the Almighty, we are so fragile, God, but this is life, here we are waiting for you with our hearts in our hands . Amen “, he expressed through Instagram Stories.