An unfortunate class exercise ends with a viral discussion between the teacher and a well-known poet

In an effort to create attractive methods so that students can learn differently, some teachers make mistakes determined by their ambition. The poet and the writer Luna Miguel She exposed one of these cases on her Twitter account, which also led to a discussion between her and the teacher in question.

The poet explains how several high school students flooded the private message box with questions. It seems that the students had read some of their work in class, and the teacher encouraged them to write them on their social networks with the incentive to increase the grade if they received an answer. They did it.

After seeing what happened, Luna Miguel wrote a text explaining that she likes that her texts are worked on in class, but that the methodology used by some teachers does not seem correct: “That the best or worst grade of the students depends if on that day I am more or less tired to enter the file to answer, or it depends if I had a good day, if I finished all my responsibilities soon, it seems as unfair as it is to me ”. In addition, he comments that this is not the first time he has experienced a similar situation.

His words had a pretty big impact on Twitter. So much so that they reached out to the teacher who commissioned this curious paper from her students that she decided to write a reply message with a non-reassuring final twist.

“Good evening, I’m just writing to tell you that you received some messages from my students, I’m sorry if they bothered you. They did it because today, in class, I saw your poetry among other authors and as an activity they had to investigate your profile, read, comment, etc. which add. They are already responsible for doing their job, I would not claim that something as important as a baccalaureate depends on you. Thank you anyway for not approaching the readers “, the message reads.

A message that the poet also published on the networks, receiving dozens of samples of support.

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