Alien: Isolation is free on the Epic Games Store until December 22nd

The latest of the 15 free games that Epic Games Store offers for the holidays is Alien: Isolation, by far the biggest name for free gifts. It also means, as SlashGear points out, that a list posted on Twitter last week was right about each of the top five.

Foreigner: Isolation It’s yours to download and keep for free (you need an Epic Games Store account, also free) until Tuesday at 11 am ET. Creative Assembly’s 2014 survival horror game won praise for its visuals, sound design and level art, which was a dead match for the 1979 sci-fi film. It took harsh criticism for its relentless antagonist and gameplay. difficult, repetitive. Especially, Alien: Isolation was appreciated for being a good game licensed to aliens after the abject failure of Gearbox Software Aliens: Colonial Marines the previous year.

If elapsed list that SlashGear reported is true, tomorrow’s game will be Metro 2033, and then the dictator sim Tropic 5. It will close on New Year’s Eve with Jurassic World Evolution. Given how many of these have been offered by free play programs on PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live over the years, I’d say it’s a credible compilation, but you’ll need to check with Epic every day to be sure. .