Alfredo Adame does not mind living with his son Sebastián’s partner

After the spacing between Alfredo Adame and his youngest son, Sebastian Adame, it happened a few days ago reunion and the long-awaited reconciliation, which took place at the initiative of the young man, who sought his father after learning that he had given positive for Covid-19.

We talked to Alfredo Adame, who told us about it the love he has for his children and assured that the doors of his house are still open for when they want to look for him and resume the relationship of father and son.

As for Sebastian, he said: respect their sexual orientation and assured that this open to coexist and meeting her partners, just as she did with her ex-boyfriend.

alfredo adame sebastian adame

Sure, when he told me about his preference she introduced me to her boyfriend, we went to dinner several times together, always I treated him politely, I always had courtesy and cavalry and good vibes from me“.

He also assured that not homophobic and described himself as a man of open-minded and respectful of the life of every human being: “I do not hate homosexuals, nor lesbians, nor heterosexuals, I am not a misogynist, I do not hate Catholics, no one, I came into this world to be happy“.

About get out of the closet he said it is a situation that should not exist because homosexuality has been around for a long time and should exist something natural in the 21st century.

alfredo adame

Finally, he sent a strong message to them judge him and they misjudged: “For all those detractors that I talk without knowing, that I don’t know what I’m talking about, that I also go chin … to their mother“.

Alfredo Adame happy