After 32 years, a man was charged with the disappearance of a nine-year-old girl in California

(Photo: Facebook / Hayward Police Department)
(Photo: Facebook / Hayward Police Department)

In November 1988, the disappearance of the nine-year-old girl, Michaela Joy Garecht, causes pain and fear between the population and the county authorities Alameda in California. No one knew who was responsible for such a heinous act, the only details they had was that it happened in the parking lot of a supermarket while the little girl was buying candy for Thanksgiving.

After 32 years, the police released a man who committed three murders in the 1980s He was responsible for this act. This is David Misch, whose actions against Michaela by Alameda District Attorney Nancy O’Malley have been described as “Brash, ruthless, but clearly planned”.

So far, the authority reported: Michaela’s remains have not been foundHowever, he said he hoped the actions taken on Dec. 21 could contribute to “some comfort to Michaela’s family, knowing that justice will prevail ”.

According to police investigations, the way Misch, currently 59 years old, Michaela divorced her friends, it was from a scooter, which he promised to return, but when she tried to get it, the suspect grabbed ‘her by the waist and put her in the car, screaming loudlyDetective Robert Prunell wrote in the charges against Misch.

A month ago, the FBI issued a token as a reward for anyone who provided information about their whereabouts or the suspect.  (Photo: FBI)
A month ago, the FBI issued a token as a reward for anyone who provided information about their whereabouts or the suspect. (Photo: FBI)

This information was based on the testimonials from one of Michaela’s friends, like a few more people, which provided general descriptions of the kidnapper, such as his age, height, eye color, and hair length.

The disappearance of the girl caused one of the most important investigations in the history of the East Bay. His photo with blonde bangs, a big smile and eyes full of illusion circulated in the region for years after his disappearance. Even the San Francisco 49ers quarterback, Joe MontanaHe asked people to help him return, but the attempt was unsuccessful.

Just a month ago, the FBI issued one Reward Token of $ 10,000 for everyone who provides Suspicious information and help find it.

However, the case has failed this year, Hayward Police Chief Toney Chaplin said, while police investigating Misch for a 1986 double murder in Fremont – what he’s for waiting for a trial– found reasons to relate it to the Michaela’s disappearance.

David Misch.  (Photo: Fremont Police Department)
David Misch. (Photo: Fremont Police Department)

And is that one misch palm footprint was found at the scene of the girl’s disappearance, prompting investigators to follow her, Chaplin did not give more details about the operation with which they could find the killer of the little girl.

“Still we would like to find Michaela’s remains, so there are some things we won’t be discussing today, ”Chaplin said at the press conference where this news was released.

It is worth noting that, in addition to the charges for the murders of Michelle Xavier and Jennifer Duey, David Misch had already been convicted of Margaret Ball was murdered in her home in Hawyard the year before. The penalty for this crime was a penalty of 18 years imprisonment to life imprisonment.

For her part, Michaela’s mother, Sharon Murch, said that after so many years of searching, perhaps the time had come accept that Michaela was probably no longer alive”.


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