Affected by Covid-19, Mexican manufacturer Juan Osorio said goodbye to his family | News from El Salvador

The health of the manufacturer Televisa is worrying because of his age and because he suffers from diabetes.

A bitter episode in your life is alive Mexican producer Juan Osorio, who was diagnosed with Covid 19 almost a month ago. The virus affected him so much that, according to reports in El Heraldo de México, in one of his crises, Niurka Marcos’ ex-husband said goodbye to his family.

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Thus, Osorio, believing that the moment of his death was approaching, decided to make a video call with his children and grandchildren to say goodbye. “I never imagined seeing them cry, it breaks your soul because they are the engine of my life and they are one of the things you don’t anticipate because you never prepare for death,” Toluqueño said.

Juan Osorio with his son, actor Emilio Osorio. Photo capture IG @ juanosorio.oficial

Even on Twitter, on December 11, he asked the public not to abandon his son the actor Emilio Osorio. “Banda I entrust a lot to Emilio for his presentations, you are his angel and I from this bed passing very well passing through Covi wishing me a success, thank you son, as I spoke with you, this must continue” , wrote Osorio.

Fortunately, things were improving for the 63-year-old producer, who surprisingly reappeared yesterday, December 21, on his Twitter account, where he was seen connected to an oxygen tank.

Juan Osorio was injured in the lungs after Covid-19. Photo Twitter @osoriojuan

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“The gang thought I was thundering,” were his first words, and he later recommended to his followers, “Take care of yourself.” This canyon is ugly. ” Since the Osorio contagion became known, the concern has increased even since he is diabetic Niurka He asked in social networks many prayers and good vibes, so that the father of his son Emilio could overcome the trance.