A virtual assistant will be Queen Elizabeth’s ally this Christmas

The new way in which the world was submerged in this 2020, after the closure, undermined some customs of the monarchy, one of them will mark the beginning of something unprecedented, determined Queen Elizabeth, maybe a new tradition ?, the Christmas message will be spread thanks to a virtual assistant, they revealed.

It seems that his nephew, Prince Harry She would be the one who inspired her idea, through the nurse “Alexa” the queen of England will give her traditional speech this Christmas.

Regina Isabel She is one of those who, together with her family and other monarchies in the world, had to use new technologies.

Although the 94-year-old monarch would not have imagined her a few months ago, she will be a new friend who will help her not to completely lose one of her most deeply rooted traditions, it is about “AlexiAmazon Voice Assistant.

The sovereign would decide to leave the past behind and undertake a new facet in which, thanks to technology, the traditional message it communicates in these data will reach every corner of the world thanks to this tool, now royalty will be present everywhere.

Now sovereign, Queen Elizabeth II will save her speech with the virtual assistant of Amazon. “The show will be available from 15:00,” a spokesman for the British newspaper, The Sun, confirmed.

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We must remember that the long-time Elizabeth Alexandra Maria (Queen Elizabeth II) was around 26 years old when, for the first time, in 1957, she gave her first Christmas speech, at that time, it was something to remember. that the moment has been immortalized through television screens, so now, in this 2020, it also marks an unprecedented fact.

Is Queen Elizabeth following in Harry’s footsteps?

Apparently, in this new attempt by the sovereign to adapt to the various scenarios that life still presents during his reign, Elizabeth II would be inspired by her nephew, Prince Harry, the youngest son of the Prince of Wales.

Mother’s new idea Prince Carlos, It emerged from Prince Harry’s successful immersions on social media and from his digital speeches throughout the year.

So, it seems, the new decision taken by the wife of Duke Philippe of Edinburgh has put his communications department to work.

To date, Archie Harrison’s great-grandmother (son of Meghan and Harry) of Prince George, Louis and Charlotte of Cambridge (son of Kate and William) is completely closed in one of the royal residences, Windsor Castle. where the entire Christmas season will be spent, they have also revealed that they will not receive a visit from any loved ones before the new contagion alarm.

How does Alexa work?

The controlled virtual voice assistant, “Alexa”, was created by Amazon and launched in November 2014, its name was inspired by the library in Alexandria.

Start by invoking it by telling it its name, at which point the speaker or device will start listening, you need to say a command with your voice, the assistant will recognize what you are asking and tell you an answer if you want to know more about all its functions follow this link.

Today, the wizard is already included in a large number of devices, from wall clocks to microwaves and in the not too distant future is studying the possibility of integrating it into Cortana (Microsoft’s virtual wizard for different versions of Windows). with it, to be able to access millions of computers and laptops around the world, following a recent agreement with Microsoft

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How to listen to Queen Elizabeth’s message?

According to those who want to hear the words of the monarch through these devices, they will be able to do so without moving a single finger, it will be enough to say the command: “Alexa, play the message of the Christmas Queen”, which would mean something like ” Alexa plays the queen’s Christmas message. “